What We Offer


RG Logistics consultancy has a team of experts to analyze information to identify and solve any Logistics and Supply Chain operation problems for our clients.
We do this through
  • Strategic planning,
  • Information technology advances, and
  • Re-engineering processes to improve our client’s Supply chain performance.
We advise on productivity, material management, and transportation of goods, packaging, order processing, manufacturing policy & procedures development, and quality control.
RG Logistics Limited also provides services such as
  • Audit and ISO certification,
  • Business set up support & Management consultancies and
  • Initial driver training and refresher (Both for Heavy trucks and light vehicle)
RG Logistics Limited is also into property sales.


RG Logistics Limited provides and outsources safe, efficient, and best reliable transportation services for our clients and we ensure value for money for our clients.
Haulage of goods in the area of Oil & Gas industry such as petroleum product which includes Petrol, Diesel, Residual fuel Oil, Bitumen, dry cargos, and
Freight forwarding Industries such as cargos, perishable goods, etc.
At RG Logistics Limited, our services also include Rentals and management of Uber and Taxi operations, as well as booking for pick-up services.


RG Logistics Ltd. renders safe freight handling for Sea, Air, and land. We provide safe warehousing, consolidation of goods, transit of goods, import clearance, Export forwarding, distribution, and logistics services to manufacturers and integrators, and distributors of advanced technology products.
RG Logistics is experienced with Project Cargo Haulage. We provide safe warehousing, consolidation of goods, transit of goods, import clearance, Export forwarding, distribution, and logistics services to manufacturers and integrators, and distributors of advanced technology products.
RG Logistics renders safe Warehousing, Bonded and Non-Bonded
RG Logistics’ experience team is competent to handle all your international imports.
Our Freight handling point includes Ghana and its neighboring countries. Our points include Tema, Takoradi, Kotoka International Airport, Aflao and Elubo


RG Logistics Ltd. has the expertise and undertakes businesses in the area of Civil engineering, Construction Engineering, Project Management including construction Management, Planning, and design, field implementation of projects, preparation of projects, identifying of profile and feasibility studies, turnkey projects, and suppliers of construction materials.
Our construction works also includes or covers, buildings, Roads, Tunnels, Bridges, Airports, utilities, Dams, surveying, architectural works, etc


We deal and outsource General goods, General merchandise items for our clients.
Items and goods include all food and non-food items.
Being a Global Leader in Logistics, positive results have been our priority and there are no reasons for not being able to execute, hence we are determined to achieve our cost-effective control by issuing reasonable and realistic rates and quotations as much as practicable.
We are affordable and moderate to serve all categories of people, as a reason of our bargaining power for the benefits of our potential clients.
RG Logistics Limited has expertise across the areas of our products and services. We operate under a combination of decade experience, committed to Health & Safety personnel at our back officer, hence you are assured of quality service


Port activities are now paperless.
Therefore the documentation listed below are part of the new regulations on importation of goods by Ghana conformity Assessment Programme; (i.e CERTIFICATE FOR CONFORMITY).
The listed items below are for your guide:
i) Haulage of Goods across- West Africa.
ii) Export Clearance by Sea/Air & Land.
iii) Import Clearance by Sea/Air & Land.
iv) Project Cargo Handling- worldwide.
v) Bonded Warehouse around -Tema/Accra
vi) Consolidation to & From- worldwide


The following documents are required as conditions for clearance
  1. Parking List
  2. Endorsed Original Commercial Invoice
  3. Endorsed Original and copies of Bill of Lading
  4. Import Declaration Form (IDF) from Ministry of Trade PSD, PSI
  5. Final Classification & Valuation Report (FCVR) from GSL, ICS, GSBV, Ghana Links, Web Fontaine.
  6. Valid Tax Clearance Certificates.
  7.  Any other certificates, permits, exemptions endorsements relevant to any particular shipment.
NB: Details on Other product and service would be available upon enquiries. In terms of Transportation, Logistics Consultancy, Construction works and General Merchants.